tubtub1nLast (as of price), range or extent of action, extent or end (of something).Pila in tubtub sin halgaꞌ niya yan?What’s the end of its price? (i.e., what’s its last price?).advAs far as, until.Tubtub Indanan in naabut namuꞌ.We’ve reached as far as Indanan.Tubtub hain in nabassa mu?Until what part have you read?vpat -um-; ran -an.To set the last price, (for something) to reach its extent or end.Bang kaw diꞌ magad kākuꞌ, na, tumubtub na dī in pagbagay ta.If you won’t come with me, then our friendship will then end here.Cf.hinapusanjangkaan*jangkaꞌ2vpat -um-.To be full of (a negative quality, usu. derogatory).Timubtub na duun kaymu in katān karupangan.You have all the foolishness to the full.Patubtuba in pamikil mu sin pasal yan.Think of that matter thoroughly.

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