baga1nEmbers, coals.Nalūs aku sin baga kāyu.I got burned by the coals.vag magpa-; pat -un; ran -an.To produce live coals (as by burning firewood).Pagpabaga kaw bat madangdang in istaꞌ.Make some coals for roasting the fish.Subay bagahun naa in kahuy bat matapa in istaꞌ.We should make coals from the wood first so that we can roast the fish.Bagahan natuꞌ asal in dapulan supaya masidlaꞌ in pagꞌapam.Let’s put coals in the stove beforehand so the making of the pancakes will be quick.adjmabagaProducing many embers.Mabaga in kahuy bakkaw hipagdungul.The mangrove produces many embers when used as firewood.OV SYN.atūn

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