timpu1.1nA climatic season, season (of the occurrence of something which occurs at intervals).Ayaw kamu magtulak bang timpu mahangin.Don’t sail if it is the windy season.Mataud tiyanum in kumangiꞌ bang timpu panuga.Many plants will get destroyed during dry season.vipat mag-.(For something to occur) at certain times, intervals, or seasons.Magtimpu in pagluhay sin istaꞌ.Fish becomes cheaper at certain times.vtpat -un.(To do something) at a certain time or season, time (something).Bang kaw mabayaꞌ kumaun dūyan subay mu timpuhun in pagkadtu mu pa Sūg ha musim sin dūyan.If you want to eat durian you should time your going to Jolo at the durian season.OV SYN.musimwaktu1.2nA period (of time).Timpu Jipun siya piyagꞌanak.He was born during the Japanese period.Bukun malingug in daira ha timpu niya naggubnul.The city was not chaotic during his time as governor.OV SYN.masa2nThe length of time one stays in prison.Pila tahun in timpu mu?How many years will be your length of time in jail?vag mag-; goal -an.To sentence (someone) to prison (for a specific period of time).Tīmpuhan siya hangka-tahun ha lawm jīl.He was sentenced to prison for one year.OV SYN.lugay

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