kugut1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To grate (something, esp. coconut meat, with a grater).Kugutun ku kaymu in lahing.I’ll grate the coconut for you.Kugut kaw lahing hipaggataꞌ.Grate the coconut for making coconut milk.nkugutanA grater, the instrument used for grating.Haunu mu biyutang in kugutan?Where did you put the grater?OV SYN.*liis2vag mang-; pat -un.To get (something, esp. money from someone) by fraud, threats, or misuse of authority, defraud or cheat (someone).Bang kaw kugutun sin nakuraꞌ mu sumbungan pa mataas.If you are cheated by your chief of office, report him to the higher up.adjpangugutProne to extort from others.Pangugut in tau yan.That man is prone to extort from others.nmangungugutAn extortionist.In mangungugut magpabugaꞌ ha manga tau pagpangayuan nila sīn.An extortionist threatens people he asks money from.OV SYN.kungkawkustaw*anyaya

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