*sayluvtpat -un.To interchange (two or more things).Sayluhun natuꞌ in basu piyagꞌiinuman nila.Let’s interchange their drinking glasses.vtAR ran -an.To exchange (something for something else).Sayluhan ku in tawmpaꞌ baꞌgu binī ku, sabab masigpit ha siki ku.I’ll exchange the shoes I just bought because they’re tight on my feet.Sayluhi ini madtu sin pula.Exchange this for that red one.viact -um-, mag-.To become interchanged or switched.Nakapagsaylu in bulpin ta.Our pens became switched.Nagsaylu in kapatus namuꞌ.Our shoes have become interchanged.Cf.sambiꞌgantiꞌ*saliyu

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