umulgimb.ummul1nAge.Pila in umul mu?What is your age? (i.e, how old are you?)vact mag-.To reach an age.Bang magꞌumul na siya kawhaan tahun subay na siya magꞌasawa.When he reaches the age of 20 he should marry.adjmaumulOlder.Maumul siya dayn kākuꞌ.She is older than I am.advsaumulForever.Wayruun tau maghulaꞌ ha dunya saumul.There will be no people living on the earth forever.Cf.gulang2nThe end of (one’s) life.Bang aku panawn sin sundalu adlaw ini, umul ku na.If the soldiers come after me today that’s the end of my life.

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