kūꞌnA reduced price or cost.Way na kūꞌ sin kakana ini.There is no reduced price for this material.vtag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To ask for or give a reduced price.Diꞌ makajari magkūꞌ sin manga dagangan ini.One can’t ask for a reduced price for this merchandise.viact -um-.To decrease or reduce, subside, wane, abate; become less in amount, force, degree, or intensity.Kumūꞌ in susa ku bang kaw yari.My sadness decreases when you are here.Kimūꞌ na in pasuꞌ sin atay niya.Her temper (lit. heat of the liver) subsided.Kimūꞌ-kūꞌ na in pasuꞌ sin pais niya.Her fever is abating.Tagaran ta na kumūꞌ in ulan.We’ll wait for the rain to abate.Kimūꞌ na in kabantugan niya.His fame has waned.OV SYN.kulang2 1*hilangkabus 1

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