bayaꞌ1nDesire, wish, will.Way na bayaꞌ ku mabuhiꞌ.I don’t have the will to live.vaux ma-.To desire, wish, will, like or want (something or someone).Mabayaꞌ siya magkarayahan.He wishes to become rich.2vag mag-, makapag-; ran kapag-…-an.To have freedom (to do what one wants), to have control or authority (over something).Magbayaꞌ aku sin hinangun ku ha bāy namuꞌ.I have the freedom to do what I want in our house.Nakuraꞌ in makapagbayaꞌ ha manga tindug.The leader exercises control over his followers.Mayul in makapagbayaꞌ ha parakalaꞌ yan.The Mayor has the right of decision over that matter.Aku in makapagbayaꞌ ha baran ku.I’m free to do anything and decide for myself.3vag mag-.Often rdp.To court, desire a mate, be or fall in love.Malugay na sila nagbabayaꞌ.They have been in love for a long time now.Asal sila nagbabayaꞌ ha iskul.They were already sweethearts in school.Cf.kās 24vmagbayaꞌTo be desired (in the sense of a completed transaction), be purchased, be sold.Diꞌ san magbayaꞌ in dagangan mu yan bang diꞌ hipangāꞌ-kāꞌ.Your wares won’t be purchased if you don’t sell them at the lowest price.

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