ibut-ibutadvWithout fail, by all means.Ibut-ibut tuud patalusan in hinang niya.Let him finish his work without fail.Cf.amay-amayhubaya-hubayavag mag-; goal -an.To tell (someone) urgently (to do or not do something), caution about certain acts, admonish, warn (someone).Ībut-ibut kaymu, ayaw kaw magkarupangan biyaꞌ ha yan.I admonish you not to do such foolishness.Nagꞌibut-ibut siya diꞌ kamu pabalikun mari.He cautioned you not to come back.Subay sila ibut-ibutan pakariun kunsūm.They must be urgently told to come here tomorrow.Ībut-ibutan niya aku diꞌ paagarun ha parhimpunan niyu.He warned me against joining your organization.

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