kutunA flea, louse (as on human hair or animal’s flesh).viST pat -un.To be or become infected with lice.Kutuhun in iruꞌ bang diꞌ payguan.The dog will be infected with lice if not given a bath.Kutuhun kaw bang kaw magtūg ha daig sin kiyukutu.You will get lice if you sleep beside someone who has lice.vtAR ag mag-; ran -an.To delouse (someone).Kāꞌ kaw dunggut. Kutuhan ta kaw.Get the bamboo stick for delousing. I will delouse you.Kutuhi in bataꞌ yan. Mataud in kutu niya.Delouse that child. She has a lot of lice.OV SYN.tumaCf.lisaꞌkuyumad

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