tugas1nHardness (of stone, steel, and the like); rigidity, firmness.In tugas sin tinapay ini biyaꞌ batu.The hardness of this bread is like rock.viST pat -um-.To become hard, rigid, firm.adjmatugasHard, rigid, firm, unyielding.Matugas in kahuy ini mahunit tuisun.This wood is hard, it’s hard to chop.2nRigidity, unyieldingness (of people).vST pat -um-.To become rigid or unyielding.Way mahinang ta bang siya tumugas.We can’t do anything if he won’t yield (to our wishes).vtag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To resist, to become hardened against something.Tiyugasan niya in kabayaan sin inaꞌ niya.He resisted his mother’s wishes.adjmatugasRigid, unyielding, (with ū) stubborn.Hangkan da liyubakan sabab matugas in ū niya.The reason he was spanked was that he is stubborn.

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