kaput1var.kamput1.1vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To seize, grasp, take hold of, hold on to (something).Kaputi kākuꞌ in lubid ini.Hold this rope for me.Kaput kaw mahugut bat kaw diꞌ mahulug.Hold tight so you won’t fall.OV SYN.ulin1.2vag -um-.To uphold (one’s honor).Subay kaw kumaput sipug sabab sīpug niya kaw ha mayran.You should uphold your honor because he shamed you in public.nThe thing held to (hence one’s honor, integrity, faith or belief).Magkāja in kaput niya.His belief is that he should perform the kāja ceremony.2nThe person in charge (of something).Siya in kaput balanjaꞌ.She is the one in charge of expenses.vag mag-, -um-.To take charge of (something).Siya in magkaput sin paghinang.She’ll take charge of the affair.kaput baliscomp.vThe leader of soldiers, (cap.) armed forces.Subay pakusugun in Kaput Balis sin Pilipinas.The Armed Forces of the Philippines should be strengthened.

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