bunsinHatred, abhorrence, detestation, rancor.In bunsi ku ha tau yan dayn sin tagnaꞌ pa.My hatred for that fellow was from the first.vact -um-; goal -an.To feel hatred, abhorrence, detestation, rancor.In tau bunsihan kaymu bang mangiꞌ in addat mu.People will feel hatred toward you if your character is bad.vran ka-…-an.To hate or become angry at (someone).In bataꞌ bulaug amu in kabunsihan sin mastal.A naughty child is hated by the teacher.adjmabunsiHaving or characterized by hate, abhorrence, or detestation.Mabunsi aku ha tau maabbu.I detest a boastful fellow.OV SYN.amāastuldugalagut1 bungis

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