sipat1.1nA physical sense, natural power or faculty (of a person).Tausug distinguish 4 senses: pangitaꞌ sight, pangdungug hearing, nanam taste, and panghamut smell.Bang in tau maas na, kulang na in sipat niya.When a person is old his senses fail him.1.2vpat ma-, hika-.To imagine; describe, express, explain (usu. with negative diꞌ).Diꞌ hikasipat in lingkat sin dayang-dayang.The beauty of the princess is indescribable.Masipat mu in pagbagay ta biyaꞌ magtaymanghud.Can you imagine the kind of friendship we have? It’s like we are siblings.In taud sin pamulawan sin sultan diꞌ hikasipat in daya niya.The king has plenty of jewelry, his wealth is inexpressible.2nType; manifestation, evidence; appearance; attribute, quality; work (noun).Diꞌ mapandang sin mānusiyaꞌ in sipat sin Tuhan.People can’t see God’s appearance.Hambuuk sipat sin Tuhan amu na in maytaꞌ diꞌ maghundung in siꞌnag sin suga iban sawa sin bulan.It is a manifestation of God that (lit. why) the rays of the sun and the shining of the moon never stop.Hi Apuꞌ Adam iban hi Sitti Hawa sipat sin Tuhan sabab limabay sila dayn ha lima sin Tuhan.Adam and Eve are a work of God because they passed through God’s hands.Diꞌ hikatugilaꞌ in sipat sin Tuhan.We cannot explain God’s attributes.

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