*sunuꞌ1vag mag-, -um-.To be the next one that follows, come next.Siya in sumunuꞌ kākuꞌ.She comes next to me.Pagꞌīg sin Kastilaꞌ simunuꞌ in Milikan.After the Spaniards left the Americans came next.advrdp.In continued succession, one right after the other.Sunuꞌ-sunuꞌ nagdatung in manga bisita.The visitors came in one after the other.vrdp. act mag-.To come in succession, come one after another.Magsunuꞌ-sunuꞌ in kasusahan dumatung kanila.Their troubles come one after the other.SYN.sunud2vag mag-; goal -an.To add more (of something, esp. after what was there has been consumed).Sunui naa in kaunun nila.Give them more rice.Ayaw na sunui in kasusahan niya.Don’t add any more to her trouble.OV SYN.dugangganap

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