hadasnImpurity, dirt, filth that renders one’s prayer not valid.There are two kinds. Hadas asibiꞌ can be removed by merely washing it with water (as human filth, mud, dung, and the like). Hadas dakulaꞌ can be removed only by taking a bath, usu. with the utterance of some verse [as after menstruation, after a copulation, or after giving birth to a child].Hadas in atay niya hangkan way pahalaꞌ in sambahayang niya.His heart is full of impurity, that is why his prayers were unanswered.Diꞌ makasambahayang in tau bang awn hadas ha baran niya.A man can’t pray if he has any dirt on his body.Naghugas sadja siya lima sabab hadas asibiꞌ da in nakalummiꞌ kaniya.He just washed his hands because it was dirt removable by washing that got him dirty.Cf.lummiꞌ 1

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