tuudadvReally, truly, honestly (an intensifier).Bunnal tuud in baytaꞌ mu?Are you really telling the truth?Walaꞌ tuud aku nakakawaꞌ sin sīn mu.Honestly, I didn’t take your money.vpat/aux -un.To do (something) intentionally, deliberately or earnestly.Tiyuud ku walaꞌ miyagad kanila.I deliberately (decided) not to go along with them.Ayaw kaw magꞌamā walaꞌ ku tiyuud.Don’t be angry, I didn’t do it intentionally.Bang ku tuurun mamī pamulawan makabī sadja aku.If I really intend to buy gold jewelry, I can afford to buy it.adjmatuud/matutuudReal, honest, true, genuine, sincere (in one’s desire or aim).Bukun matutuud in bayaꞌ niya kaymu.Her interest in you is not genuine.

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