sawnuꞌadvRight away, immediately, without delay, at once.Subay sawnuꞌ ubatan in sakit niya.Her illness must be treated immediately.vCH 1 aux mag-, -um-, -un.(To do something) immediately, right away, without delay, at once.Sawnua adjala in istaꞌ bābā bukun pa haluꞌ.Cook the fish at once while it’s not yet rotten.Walaꞌ nasawnuꞌ in pagparā mu sin sīn.You didn’t send the money at once.vCV 1 pat hipa-.To give over (to someone else) for immediate handling.Subay hipasawnuꞌ pa huspital in bataꞌ-bataꞌ masangat.The seriously ill child must be admitted to the hospital for immediate care.Cf.magtuysaruun-duun

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