atay1.1nLiver.Pila sīn in atay sapiꞌ adlaw yan?How much does beef liver cost today?1.2nThe pit of the stomach, solar plexus.2nHeart (the seat of the emotions).vrdp. ag mag-, mang-; pat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.To be resentful, be at odds with.Unu in makawaꞌ mu magꞌatay-atay kaniya?What can you get by being resentful against her?Ayaw dāha magꞌatay-atay in maas mu.Don’t be at odds with your parents.adjmaatayThoughtful of others, generous, big-hearted; easily hurt.Maatay in tau yan.That person is thoughtful of others./That person is easily hurt.npangatayanHeart (the seat of the emotions. Used interchangeably with atay).OV SYN.jantung 2haatayderv.vTo take (something) to heart, consider (something) seriously.
babag atay obstinate, contrary
sakit atay anger, hurt feelings
haluꞌ atay insincerity
way atay ungratefulness
buta atay ungratefulness
ngiꞌ atay anger, resentment, ill feeling (toward someone)
tawꞌ ha atay harbor a grudge
taas atay snobbery and aloofness, pride
pasuꞌ atay hot temper, short temper
atay-batu unforgiving spirit
atay-itum treachery
guyaꞌ atay emotionality, quickness to weep
hangka-atay united
haggut atay calmness
babaꞌ atay humility
buntul atay honesty
atay-putiꞌ sincerity, blamelessness
lunuk atay softhearted

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