lambung1nA shadow, reflection of an object (in a mirror or in water).Awn lambung tau kītaꞌ ku limabay ha daig tandawan.I saw someone’s shadow go by the window.nlambunganA shaded place.vag mag-; ran ka-…-an.To cast a shadow (on something), see someone’s shadow.Kiyalambungan ku siya limabay.I saw his shadow go by.Kalambungan sin kahuy in jambangan mu.The tree will cast a shadow on your garden.magꞌapas lambungidiomvTo strive to get all the material things one’s neighbors or associates have, keep up with the Joneses (lit. to chase a shadow).Bang in tau magꞌapas lambung lumugay makapanakaw na.A man who keeps up with the Joneses sooner or later will resort to stealing.2vact/pat mag-.To present a mental image.Maglambung ha mata ku in dagbus hi dayang ku.The form of my lady love presents itself to my eyes (i.e., I have visions of her).SYN.laman 13vpat pa-…-un.To surmise, imagine.Bang ku palambungun biyaꞌ mangiꞌ in hinang sin tau ini.I surmise that this man is doing evil.Mapalambung mu in taud sin pilak iyubus niya.Can you just imagine the amount of money he used?Cf.kira-kira

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