hātinMeaning, understanding.Subay mu ingatun in hāti sin bissara niya.You should know the meaning of his words.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un, ka-…-an.To understand, learn or know the meaning (of something).Diꞌ ku kahātihan bang maytaꞌ siya naghinang bihadtu.I don’t understand why he did that.vRC ag mag-.To have an understanding or a mutual agreement, (esp. one that settles differences or is informal and not made public).Naghāti na kami sin pasal yan.We have our understanding regarding that matter.vpat -un.To verify, find out (information), analyze (something).Hātihun ta bang kuꞌnu maubus in hinang ha diksiyunari.Let’s find out when the work will be over on the dictionary.Cf.maanaingatpahātiderv.nInformation, notice, announcement, message, explanation.

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