jaganA guard, watchman; mourner (esp. one who takes a nightlong vigil), one who watches.adjmajagaWatchful, vigilant, alert.Subay majaga in sundalu.A soldier must be vigilant.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To watch, be on watch, beware, be on guard, guard and protect (something); spy on (someone).Jaga kaw bang yan in asawa niya.Watch when his wife comes.Biyaꞌ aku in jiyajagahan sin tau yaun.That man seems to be spying on me.vran pag-…-an.To keep working (on something) overtime or into the night without sleep, have a nightlong vigil.Pagjagahan ku in term paper ku dūm ini.I’ll work overtime on my term paper tonight.Cf.tungguꞌ

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