lapiꞌ1vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To turn or open upward or sideward (something that is attached to something else, as a door or window); fold or bend (something, as a collar of a shirt, edge of a dress or pants, etc.); open up something folded (as a fold-away cot, chair, table, etc.).Lapia pa taas in tandawan.Turn the window panel up.vipat ma-.To become folded; flap (as of a door or roof when blown upon by strong wind); become bent (by the wind or strong pressure); (for something folded) to open.Nalapiꞌ in liug sin badjuꞌ niya.His shirt collar is folded.Diꞌ malapiꞌ in siki sin lamisahan ini.The foot of this folding table won’t open up.Nalapiꞌ in atup sin kusug sin hangin.The roof was blown up by the strong wind.Nalapiꞌ in ād pagtanduk sin sapiꞌ.The fence became bent when butted upon by the cow.Cf.lupiꞌ2nA Tausug man’s collarless shirt.Has a tight-fitting sleeve reaching a little below the elbow, with a high, round neckline, open all the way in front, studded with golden buttons in front, on the shoulder, and at the edge of the sleeve. Usu. used for a special occasion.Cf.batawi

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