pasampay(from pa₂ + sampay)nA message.In pasampay ini naug dayn ha upis sin Mayul.This message comes from the mayor’s office.vag mag-; pat -un, hi-; goal -an.To send or deliver (a message), send word; cause (something) to reach (someone), dedicate (something to someone, as a song or poem).Aku na in magpasampay sin baytaꞌ mu kaniya.I’ll deliver your message to her.Pasampayan in amānat ku kan amaꞌ.Have my message reach father.Hipasampay ku in kalangan ku kan inaꞌ.I dedicate my song to my mother.Cf.amanatdatung 1nkiyapasampayanOne through whom (a message) is sent.Taymanghud mu in kiyapasampayan ku sin amanat kan inaꞌ mu.Your brother was the one through whom the message was sent to your mother.OV SYN.daak

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