bunnaladjTrue.Bukun bunnal in baytaꞌ.The news is not true.nkabunnalanThe truth.Way siya namaytaꞌ sin kabunnalan.He didn’t tell the truth.Cf.tuudvpat ma-.(For someone’s statement) to come true.Nabunnal in baytaꞌ niya kaina sin maaksidinti sila.What he said earlier today, that they would have an accident, came true.vran ka-…-an.(For someone who has denied doing something) to be found out.Ayaw kaw magputing bat bang ikaw in nagkawaꞌ gana-gana kabunnalan kaw.Don’t lie because if you were the one who took it you might be found out.sabunnalderv.vTo assert to be true; confess (as a fault or crime).

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