*tingkuwangvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To parade a bride and groom around the area (after the marriage ceremony).Subay awn tabungguꞌ bang magtingkuwang.There should be a percussive instrument ensemble when we parade a bride and groom around the area.npagtingkuwangThe parading of a newly married couple around the area.The groom’s party parade the couple in a decorated vehicle or chair. Musicians playing music walk or ride in front of the couple. Their destination is the groom’s house, where a celebration has also been going on, so that the guests there can see the couple. After a short time at the groom’s house the procession continues on to the bride’s house again.Gana-gana in pagtingkuwang ha manga baꞌgu tiyaun.The parading of the newlyweds around the area will be later today.

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