ngiꞌ1nA defect, undesirability, shortcoming, badness.Katān tau awn sadja ngiꞌ niya.Everybody has his own shortcoming.adjmangiꞌDefective, destroyed, undesirable, bad.Mangiꞌ in addat hi Hussin.Hussin’s conduct is undesirable.ANT.*dayaw 1vRC, CH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.Sometimes rdp.To become unfriendly or hostile (to someone), (for people) to be on bad terms.Nagngiꞌ-ngiꞌ siya iban inaꞌ niya.She and her mother are on bad terms.Ngiun kita sin pangdaig ta bang kita diꞌ magꞌaddat kanila.Our neighbors will become hostile to us if we don’t respect them.Cf.mulakangiꞌderv.nA defect, badness.2vngiꞌ-ngiꞌ act/pat magka-.(For a woman) to become a prostitute.Nagkangiꞌ-ngiꞌ in kaibanan babai lugay sin armi dī.Some women have become prostitutes during the time the army has been here.

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