kamdus1nFirmness, durability (of material objects).vact/pat -um-, mag-.(For an object) to be or become firm, strong, durable.Diꞌ kumamdus in hukut bang diꞌ dublihun.The string won’t be strong enough if you don’t double it.adjmakamdusDurable, firm, lasting, strong; (of a person) strong, firm, healthy.Makamdus in tawmpaꞌ bāta.Bata shoes are durable.OV SYN.*paguntatas2vact/pat -um-, mag-.(For one’s heart or mind) to be or become firm and strong.Ayaw kaw masusa, saꞌ pakamdusa in atay mu.Don’t worry, but make your heart firm and strong.vran pang-…-an.To base (one’s) firm trust in (something).Pangamdusan ku in janjiꞌ niya.I base my firm trust in his promise.

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