*kuut1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To draw or pick (something) out (of the mouth, a pocket, bag, container, etc.) with the hand.Kiyuut ku in apul ha lawm simud niya.I drew the coagulated blood out of her mouth.Kuuta in sīn ha lawm bulsa niya.Pick the money out of his pocket.OV SYN.hublut*kulihiknmangunguutA pickpocket.Nasaggaw sin pulis in manga mangunguut ha tabuꞌ.The police arrested the pickpockets at the market.2.1vag -um-, mag-.To buy a piece of paper bearing one of the numbers in a lottery type game of chance; draw (a number).Bang kaw mabayaꞌ kumuut karian in hambuuk pilak mu.If you want to draw (a number), give me your peso.2.2nrdp.A punch board, a game of chance played by drawing lots.Masūb in kabataan magpanayam kuut-kuut.Children enjoy playing games of chance by drawing lots.vrdp. ag mag-.To play a game of chance; draw a lot (as in deciding a matter by chance).Subay magkuut-kuut bang magdihil sin manga tamungun yan.When those clothes are given out, it should be by drawing lots.OV SYN.rīpa

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