pangsutviact/pat mag-, -um-; pat -un.(For a liquid) to spurt, gush, shoot out in a stream, spurt in a jerking motion; (for something) to slip out or off (something else, as a thread from the eye of a needle).Miyangsut in duguꞌ dayn ha ū niya.The blood spurted from his head.Miyangsut in pūhan sin utak.The handle slipped off from the blade of the bolo.Cf.*bunsuwangvtpat pa-…-un.To jerk or force (something out of its hole, as a tether from the ground, a screw from metal or wood, a pen from its cap, a locknut).Papangsutun ku in pūhan sin utak ini, bagbag na.I’ll jerk off the handle of this bolo, it’s broken.

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