bingkuk1adjCrooked (general term).Bingkuk in gudlis hīnang mu.The line you made is crooked.vtag mag-; pat -un.To cause (something) to be crooked, bend (something).Hisiyu in makabingkuk sin basiꞌ ini?Who can bend this steel?Hipagbingkuk ku basiꞌ in tukul ini.I’ll use this hammer in bending iron.viST pat ma-.To become crooked.Bang mabingkuk in jawm makina diꞌ na hikapagtahiꞌ.If the needle of the sewing machine becomes crooked it can no longer be used for sewing.OV SYN.kallukkawkpikuk2vag mag-; pat -un.To make (something) unjust.Bang mu bingkukun in saraꞌ mahilu in paghulaꞌ.If you make the laws unjust our country will be in confusion.

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