gamus1adjPreserved (as of fruit).Masarap magkaun gamus mampallam.It is delicious to eat preserved mangoes.vag mag-; pat -un; inst/loc pag-…-an.To preserve (fish, seafood, or fruit in water).Maggamus kita mampallam.Let’s preserve mangoes.Pataura in asin bang kaw maggamus piyatay.Use a lot of salt when you preserve anchovies.ngiyamusPreserved fish, seafood, or fruit.Cf.tahay 22ngiyamusA fact about oneself or one’s family kept secret because of shame or fear of disgrace, skeleton in the closet.Makasipug kaymu bang ku higuwaꞌ in giyamus mu.It would disgrace you if I let out your skeleton in the closet.

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