*lupadnpaglupadThe act of flying, flight.Way ku kitaꞌ in paglupad sin ariplanu.I didn’t see the flight of the plane.vag mag-, -um-; goal -un.(For birds, aircraft, kites, etc.) to take off, begin flight, fly.Pagjagahan ku lumupad in manga manuk-manuk.I watch the birds to see when they will fly.Lisag pila lumupad in ariplanu?What time will the airplane take off?Diꞌ makalupad in manuk-manuk bang way pikpik.A bird cannot fly without wings.vag mag-…-an.To fly away all together.Magluparan in manga assang bang makabahunus tau.The pigeons will all fly away together when they hear the noise of people.Cf.*palid*palis

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