dagang1vCV 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; goal -an.To sell (something).Dagang kaw madtu sin istaꞌ ini pa tabuꞌ.Sell this fish at the market.Hiragang ku in istaꞌ.I will sell the fish.OV SYN.paglitu*litu1ndaganganMerchandise, wares.Nagbayaꞌ na in dagangan.The merchandise was sold.tau dagangcomp.n{Archaic} A slave.2vag mag-, -um-; pat hika-.To fool, cheat, trick (someone).Maluhay hikaragang in tau way akkal.It is easy to fool a man who lacks wit.tau dagangcomp.vA stranger, someone who has no relatives in a place.

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