lakbuꞌ2vag mag-, mang-; ran -an.To victimize, lure, beguile, delude, trick, or deceive (someone); mislead (someone, esp. to make him feel foolish); make oneself a victim or impulsively allow oneself to fall to some injury (esp. due to anger, discouragement or despair).Liyakbuan mu in bagay mu piyalanguy ha dagat sin diꞌ makaingat.You victimized your friend to have him swim in the sea when he doesn’t know how.Kiyalakbuan kaw! Nakawaꞌ sadja in sīn mu way da kaw liyawagan niya hinang.You’ve been beguiled! Your money was just taken, (and) he didn’t find you a job.Ayaw kaw maglakbuꞌ sin baran mu, mangaku sin bukun dusa mu.Don’t make yourself a victim, to take upon yourself the sin of another.Lakbuan mu in baran mu bang mu diꞌ paubatan in sakit mu.You’re victimizing yourself if you don’t seek medical treatment for your illness.nmanglalakbuꞌA victimizer.Ayaw kaw magbagay ha tau manglalakbuꞌ.Don’t be friendly to a victimizer.OV SYN.*laugCf.dupang

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