hilu1nDizziness, seasickness, state of being drunk.Inum kaw sin ubat ini bat maīg in hilu mu.Take this medicine to get rid of your dizziness.adjDizzy, seasick, drunk.Hilu in tau yaun sabab nakainum mataud tubaꞌ.That fellow is drunk because he drank plenty of toddy.viST pat ma-, mag-.To become dizzy, seasick, or drunk.Mahilu aku bang aku sumakat kappal.I become seasick when I get on a boat.vtpat -un.To make (someone) drunk.Hiluhun ta in jaga bat kita makasūd.We’ll make the guard drunk so we can get in.nmaghihiluA habitual drinker.Maghihilu in bana sin babai ini.The husband of this woman is a habitual drinker.2nConfusion (of mind).adj(Of the mind) confused, disturbed.Hilu in lawm pikilan ku bihaun. Ayaw mu aku sasata.My mind is confused now. Don’t disturb me.vipat ma-.To be or become confused or disturbed (in mind).Nahilu aku namikil bang pakain aku lumawag sīn.I am confused when I try to think where I will get money.vtCH 1 pat -un.To confuse or disturb (someone’s mind).Ayaw mu aku hiluha bang awn hinang ku.Don’t disturb me when I have work to do.OV SYN.sasaw3nTrouble, disturbance.vtag mang-; pat -un.To cause trouble.Awn manga tau mabayaꞌ manghilu ha pagtipun-tipun ini.There are people who want to cause trouble in this meeting.vipat mag-.For trouble to arise.Bang in gubnul iban mayul diꞌ masulut tantu maghilu.If the governor and the mayor aren’t brought to agree trouble will certainly arise.OV SYN.hiluhalaꞌ

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