lugal1nPlace, space, site.Asibiꞌ in lugal pagtutūgan ku.I have a small sleeping place.Hain in lugal sin piyagbunuan?Where is the site of the battle?vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To stay in a place, space.Ayaw kamu maglugal dī.Don’t stay here.Bang kita mīg dayn ha lugal ta ini, na, lugalan sa ini sin tau dugaing.If we leave our place here, it will be stayed in by other people.Cf.hulaꞌ 1.1vpat pa-…-un.To place (something) in a proper place or way.Palugalun ta in tarak.We’ll park the truck in the proper place.2nA chance, opportunity.Dihili aku lugal makabayad sin utang kaymu.Give me a chance to pay you my debt.

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