sāꞌ1.1nA mistake, fault, error, flaw.Awn sadja sāꞌ sin mānusiyaꞌ katān.There’s always a flaw in every person.vag mag-, -um-; pat ma-.To commit a mistake, error or fault, have a flaw; err, miss the mark, be wrong.Itunga marayaw bat kaw diꞌ masāꞌ.Count it well so you won’t be mistaken.Pangannal ku marayaw in Milikan, saꞌ nasāꞌ aku.I thought Americans were kind, but I was wrong.Cf.lawng11.2nA dislocation (of nerve or bone), sprain.vpat ma-.To suffer dislocation (of a nerve or bone), sprain (oneself).Nasāꞌ in liug ku.I sprained my neck.Cf.pisuꞌ2vpat -un.To be fined (for touching an unmarried girl).Sāun siya hanggatus pilak bang siya makakaput ha budjang.He’ll be fined one hundred pesos if he touches an unmarried girl.nkasāanA fine for touching an unmarried girl.Cf.multa

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