bugaꞌnFear, timidity, apprehensiveness, anxiety, misgivings, mistrust, awe.Diꞌ siya makatūg dūm sin bugaꞌ niya.He can’t sleep at night because of his anxiety.vtCH 1 ag mang-; pat -un.To frighten, inspire or excite fear in, scare (someone); intimidate, terrorize, threaten, bully, discourage (someone).Biyugaꞌ niya aku magsundalu.He discouraged me from becoming a soldier.Bugaun ta siya bat diꞌ manakaw.We will frighten him so he won’t come here to steal.Ayaw mu aku pagbugaa.Don’t intimidate me.viST pat -um-.To become frightened, scared, intimidated.Miyugaꞌ aku sin diyungug ku.I got scared by the news I heard.adjmabugaꞌFearful, afraid, timid, apprehensive, distrustful, living in dread or awe.Mabugaꞌ aku sumuuk ha tau yaun.I am afraid to approach that fellow.Ayaw kaw mabugaꞌ lumamud kāmuꞌ.Don’t be apprehensive about joining us.Mabugaꞌ siya magmaas.He is in awe of his parents (or some elder relatives).nbugaanA person who is characteristically afraid, fearful, timid, apprehensive, shaky, or fainthearted; a coward.Bugaan siya bang isa-isa niya.He’s a coward when he’s alone.OV SYN.dāhitdamag

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