manghudnA younger sibling.Lima in manghud ku.I have five younger siblings.adjYounger (in age than someone else).Manghud siya dayn kākuꞌ.He is younger than I am.ANT.magulanggulangvgoal -an.To have a younger sibling.Marayꞌ na hi Indaꞌ manghuran.The older sister will soon have a younger sibling.Pila in umul niya ampa siya miyanghuran?How old was she when the younger sibling was born?nkamanghuranThe youngest child.Kamawmuhan in kamanghuran piyararakag sin inaꞌ atawa amaꞌ.Oftentimes the youngest child is pampered by the mother or father.SYN.kabungsuhan*bungsuikul

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