lagublubnA loud noise (as of an engine, thunder, a cannon, the hooves of running horses or cattle).Diyurungug mari in lagublub sin mutur hi Faysar.We can hear from here the loud noise of Faysar’s motorcycle.vact/pat mag-, -um-.(For an engine, thunder, a cannon, etc.) to make such a sound.Haynduun sadja limagublub in kanyun.The cannon made a loud noise just now.Ayaw mu palagubluba in jīp mu dī.Don’t let your jeep make any loud noise here.adjmalagublub(Of a motor or any mechanical device) noisy.Malagublub tuud in makina yan, subay sa yan lanahan.That sewing machine is noisy. It should be lubricated.Cf.hibuk

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