kusug1nStrength, power, vigor.Kiyalawaan aku kusug.I lost strength.adjmakusugStrong, vigorous, powerful; (of rain, coughing) heavy.Anak siya sin sultan makusug.He is the son of a powerful king.OV SYN.basag 1kawasavtCH 1 pat -un.To make stronger, more powerful, exert a greater effort.Kusugun ta in pagtūd sin jīp.Let’s make the pushing of the jeep stronger (i.e., push it harder).viST pat -um-.To become strong.Diꞌ kaw kumusug bang kaw diꞌ kumaun.You won’t become strong if you don’t eat.2vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To support (something, as a candidacy, argument, or lawsuit).Subay mu kusugan in pagdāgan niya mayul ha kawman ini.You should support his candidacy for mayor in this district.OV SYN.bawgbugmakusugderv.vTo work hard or use one’s influence, money, etc. (to help or hurt someone).

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