luguꞌnA style of singing primarily associated with religious ritual.Slow in tempo and characterized by high vocal tension and long sustained tones. May or may not be accompanied by instruments. Luguꞌ songs recite the story of the Prophet’s life in Arabic and are sung during the month of Mawlud.vag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un.To sing in such a manner.Maluuy hi Babuꞌ Sula magluguꞌ.Aunt Sula does ritual singing beautifully.nmangluluguꞌA singer of such songs.

luguꞌ Mawlud to celebrate the birth of the
luguꞌ taallaw for burial
luguꞌ janitlaꞌ with prose text
luguꞌ jikil in poetic form

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