taas1nHeight, altitude, loftiness (of physical objects); height (of prices or fees, pitch of a voice, degree of education); top, upper part (of something, such as upstairs).Biyaꞌdiin in taas sin kahuy kiyahulugan sin bataꞌ?How high was the tree from which the child fell?Butangan ha taas sin lamisahan in būk.Place the book on top of the table.Yadtu sila nagbissara ha taas.They are talking upstairs.Cf.lanjanghabaꞌ 1viST pat mag-, -um-.(For physical objects, prices or fees, the pitch of a voice) to become high or higher.Magtataas in bayad sin iskul tahun-tahun.School fees are getting higher each year.Hisiyu-siyu in diꞌ mabayaꞌ, pataasun in lima niya.Those who are not in favor may raise their hands.Piyataas niya in tingug niya.She raised her voice.vtran -an.To raise (the height of an object, prices or fees, the pitch of a voice).Taasan ta in lamisahan supaya matanam pagsulatan.Let’s raise the table so that it will be comfortable for writing on.Subay taasan in halgaꞌ sin bugas.The price of rice should be raised.adjmataas(Of physical objects, prices or fees, pitch of a voice, degree of education) high.Mataas in halgaꞌ sin pannyagaan bihaun.The prices of commodities now are high.Mataas in pangadjiꞌ sin amaꞌ niya.His father is highly educated.2nEminence, greatness (as of one’s personality), nobility; highness (of position or office).vtpat -un.To hold (something) in high regard.Subay ta taasun in ngān sin gubnul.We should hold the name of the governor in high regard.adjmataas(Of personality) eminent, great; (of rank or position) high.Mataas in hinang niya ha upis.He’s holding a high position in the office.3vrdp. ag mag-.To act proudly, haughtily.Bukun marayaw in magtaas-taas iban pagkahi ta.It’s not good to act proudly towards our fellowmen.

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