tudju1vTV ag mag-, -um-; goal -un.Often unaffixed and no noun phrase is in focus.To go or head directly toward (a place), go and see (someone) directly, hit directly or accurately (something aimed at).Tudju mu yan pakain?Where are you headed/off to?Tudju pakain in lupad sin ariplanu?In which direction is the plane headed?Walaꞌ nakatudju in pagtiluꞌ mu.You didn’t hit it directly.Mayul in tudjuha bang pasal sin parakalaꞌ yan.Concerning that case, go and see the mayor directly.ntudjuhanThe place where one is going or heading.Diꞌ ku kaingatan bang pakain in tudjuhan ku.I don’t know where the place I’m heading to is (i.e., I don’t know where I’m going).OV SYN.harap 1sūng 1.12vag mag-, -um-; goal -un; ran -an.To do something correctly or properly.Diꞌ tumudju in pamikil ku bang mu aku līlingug sadja.I can’t think correctly if you keep on pestering me.adj./advmatudjuRight(ly), accurate(ly).Matudju manimbak in tau ini.This man shoots accurately.OV SYN.kugdan 23vag magpa-; pat -um-.(For wares) to sell well, (for a business) to be profitable.Timudju in pagdagang nila tahay.Their business of selling dried fish is profitable.adj(Of a business) profitable; (of wares) profitably saleable.Matudju in dagangan nila.Their wares are profitably saleable.Cf.malandag*landag

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