kakat1vRC ag mag-.(For girls or young women) to chase one another playfully and noisily, tease one another by chasing; (for cats) to chase one another.Makasasat in manga budjang sabab nagkakakat sadja sila.The young girls are disturbing us because they’re always chasing each other.2vag mag-; pat -un.(For a groom) to chase the bride and catch her (during the wedding ceremony), for newlyweds to chase one another playfully.In traditional Tausug marriage as a part of the wedding celebration, the bridegroom after the wedding ceremony starts courting his bride by running after her. She is shy and evasive and runs away from him while the guests watch and shout encouragement. This hilarity and playful chasing is the highlight of a wedding celebration.Magkakat in manga pangantin.The bride and bridegroom will chase each other playfully.Pagꞌubus magkawin, in addat sin manga Tausug, subay kakatun sin usug in asawa niya.After a wedding ceremony, the Tausug custom is the man must chase his wife and catch her.

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