*bintang1vag mang-; pat -un.To analyze, examine, study, consider (something, as advice on a problem or the meaning of a natural phenomenon).Subay ta bintangun marayaw in maana sin bichara niya.We should analyze very well the meaning of what he said.OV SYN.lilingtaliꞌ2vag mang-; ran pang-…-an.To learn a lesson (either positive or negative) from some experience (personal experience, books, movies, plays, etc.).Namintang aku sin in way hinang, mangiꞌ parasahan.I learned from experience that having no job is a discomfort.Namintang aku in magkaun sayul makarayaw baran.I have learned from experience that to eat vegetables is good for the body.Piyamintangan ku na, bang magꞌinum alak ampa makataud, makakangiꞌ baran.I have learned from experience that to drink a lot of strong drink destroys the body.npamintanganAn experience which teaches a lesson.In kangian kimugdan ha tau yan hambuuk pamintangan sin manga tau ikutan.The tragic thing that happened to that person is a lesson to stingy people.3nA guide by which to navigate, landmark.Subay amu in būd mataas in bintang ta bang manaw ha ginlupaan.A high mountain should be our landmark when we travel on land.vag mag-, mang-; goal -an.To observe, reckon, or calculate (one’s direction, or the direction of a landmark or heavenly body).Bintangan ta marayaw bang dapit pakain in bituun.Let’s observe well to what side the star is (from our present course).OV SYN.panduga

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