bāynA house.vag mag-; ran -an.To build a house (for one’s own occupancy).Haunu kaw magbāy?Where will you build your house?nbāy-bāyA small house, playhouse.vrdp. ag mag-.To play house.Mabayaꞌ magbāy-bāy in manga bataꞌ.The children want to play house.OV SYN.kūbung-kūbungastanaꞌkubuꞌnpamāy-bāyA household (and all that is in it, including property), immediate relatives living in the same house; atmosphere of a household.Hisiyu in manghiluhalaꞌ mari ha pamāy-bāy ku ini tuntutan ku.I’ll file a case against anyone who comes here and causes trouble in my household.hangka-bāyderv.vTo live together in the same house.

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