babaꞌ1nThe bottom (of something), the lower part (of something); beneath or under (something).Kitaa in tawmpaꞌ ku ha babaꞌ sin lamisahan.Look for my shoes under the table.OV SYN.sawmANT.taas 1vtag mag-, mang-; ran -an.To go down, make (something) lower.Magbabaꞌ aku dayn ha bāy bang awn hinangun ku ha babaꞌ.I go down from the house if I have work to do downstairs.Babaan ku in lilingkuran sin basikul ini, sabab diꞌ aku makatanam.I’ll lower the seat of this bicycle because I’m not comfortable.viact -um-.(For something physical) to become lower; (for a price) to come down.Kuꞌnu mabaꞌ in hargaꞌ sin lana?When will the price of oil come down?adjmababaꞌShort, low.Mababaꞌ pakarayaw in paglupad sin ariplanu!Good grief! the airplane is flying low.adjpatibabaꞌHumble, not proud or arrogant, unassuming, modest.In tau patibabaꞌ bukun abbuhan.A person who is modest is not boastful.2vrdp. ag mang-; pat -un.To disparage, degrade, belittle (something).Ayaw mu babaꞌ-babaa in hinang sin mayul.Don’t disparage the mayor’s achievement.

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