luhay1nCheapness (of commodities).Bang magdatung in luhay sin istaꞌ, in hangka-tuhug tulay lima pilak da.When fish become cheap, a string of scad sells for only five pesos.vST pat mag-, -um-.(For commodities) to become cheaper.Kuꞌnu pa lumuhay in manga pannyagaan ha manga tinda?When will commodities in the stores become cheaper?Diꞌ magluhay in bugas.Rice doesn’t become cheaper.adjmaluhay(Of commodities) cheap.In buwahan ha tabuꞌ landuꞌ maluhay.Lanzones are very cheap in the market.ANT.halgaꞌ 12nEase, facility.vST pat -um-.(For something) to become easy.Diꞌ lumuhay in hinang mu bang ha pikilan mu mahunit.Your work won’t become easy if you think it’s difficult.adjmaluhayEasy, not difficult.Maluhay da in tīs.The test was easy.ANT.hunit 1

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